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When you join forces with Marketing Works, you should know – though we’re based in a small town, we’re anything but smalltime. Our take no prisoners crew of left-brain, right-brain and just plain marketing brainy individuals are here to redefine, innovative and impact.

Our Business to Consumer Services

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Our Complete Menu

A great meal starts as a list of basic ingredients. It takes the right combinations and the right expertise to craft it into an extraordinary outcome. Think of the list below as the potential “ingredients” . Our role is to strategically blend the right elements that produce extraordinary outcomes.


Affinity Programs

Brand Promises

Brand Transformation

Cause-Driven Marketing

Community Relations

Competitive Differentiation

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Service Training

Digital Marketing

E-Commerce Programs

E-Mail Marketing



Facility Design

Focus Groups

Fundraising Programs

Guerrilla Marketing

Interior & Exterior Signage

Internal Marketing

Loyalty Programs

Market Research

Media Planning & Buying

Mystery Shopping

Niche Market Development

Outdoor Advertising

Paid Search/Pay-Per-Click

Point of Purchase Marketing


Public Relations Initiatives

Qualitative Studies

Quantitative Studies

Sales Training

Search Engine Optimization


Shared Purpose

Social Media Marketing

Special Events

Strategic Alliances

Street Teams

Value Added Services

Website Development

And much more!

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(R)Evolution Program

There’s nothing more constant than change, and marketing is no exception. But before you start a riot, let the MW team start a revolution, both inside and outside the walls of your business. Our (R)Evolution Program is our most all-inclusive, all-out, full speed ahead approach to transforming your business in the most electrifying way. Ready to build a culture that attracts the right customers AND retains and attracts great associates? Get ready to start a (R)Evolution.

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Marketing Plan

Ever heard the quote “a goal without a plan is just a wish?” We totally agree. You surely have more than wishes for your businesses’ success. You have definitive goals and expectations. We’ll create a comprehensive actionable 12 month marketing blueprint to move your group towards those goals-faster.

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Strategy Development

Think of us as epic sorters. Developing the right strategy demands it. We sort out who your audience actually is and what they care about. We sort through channels and message options and develop a plan that slices through the marketing chaos. The right strategy offers better results and a far more efficient use of limited (because who has unlimited monies)marketing dollars.

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Digital Strategy Development

In a world gone digital, visibility in the marketplace isn’t just about your physical presence. Keeping the masses abuzz about your brand means keeping up with Google and company; and if you’re not being noticed by the latter, you may be placing would-be prospects at the doorstep of your competitor. Let Marketing Works build a virtual megaphone around your business with tools like SEO, website development, display advertising and more.

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Remember when your teacher would say, “Don’t tell me, show me?” That’s exactly what we’ll do when you visit the links below. These projects for a wide variety of clients show how our disruptive, remarkable, and unexpected marketing solutions come to life in the end-product of compelling, strategy-driven creative. Take a few moments to browse through our portfolio—it’s sure to get your gears turning with thoughts of what you could accomplish with Marketing Works on your team!