Editors are bombarded with press releases–especially in major markets. So, when the region’s premiere snack food company needed to launch a brand new flavor they came to us! Targeted writers and editors received this box, featuring a graphic seascape and an enticing external message. Taking the experience one step further, as they opened the box they were greeted by the sounds of seagulls from a light sensitive sound chip mounted inside. Inside, they found a few ocean themed trinkets and a fresh off the line sample bag of Herr’s new Salt and Vinegar Boardwalk Style chip….and a press release of course. The reviews of the product were great and so was the coverage. Thousands of dollars in media equivalency value resulted from this unique approach.

With milk being a commodity that is widely available from a variety of retailers, motivating customers to loyally purchase milk from any particular place is a challenge. To help Turkey Hill Minit Markets build a larger and more loyal base of dairy customers, Marketing Works developed Moo Money, a unique fundraising program enabling schools, churches, community organizations and other nonprofits to earn money by redeeming Turkey Hill Moo Money milk caps that their members and supporters collected. Elements to support the program included materials and personalized outreach to recruit participating organizations; a newsletter with tips to help nonprofits get the most from the program; coordination of special fundraising events and incentives; customer service support for participating organizations and providing dedicated staff to manage the program and serve as liaisons between Turkey Hill and participants.

In recent years, the convenience store industry had become increasingly competitive. And, the foodservice category had evolved into an important differentiator, revenue source and attraction to create that all-important motivation for customers at the pumps to enter the store. To help differentiate an innovative line of freshly prepared sandwiches, subs, salads, sides and snacks that Turkey Hill Minit Markets developed to enhance their foodservice offerings, Marketing Works created the Fresh to Go brand and a comprehensive marketing strategy and program to launch it.

As a popular beverage that can be sold at a price that offers value for the customer and a high profit margin, fresh-brewed coffee is an outstanding product category for marketing programs that help convenience stores boost their bottom line. The Tom Thumb chain, serving an area that runs from Mobile to Pensacola and surrounding communities in Alabama and Florida, wanted an aggressive way to build brand loyalty for their wide-ranging line of fresh-brewed coffee and cappuccino flavors and blends. Driven by in-depth research on the coffee-drinking public, Marketing Works developed a comprehensive program targeting key niches, which included college students, “step-back” coffee drinkers seeking lower-cost alternatives to gourmet coffee houses due to the economy and police/fire/emergency personnel.

Nothing says sizzle like a brand new kitchen center where contractors can bring their customers. It started with a teaser save the date card. Followed by a unique invite to an elaborate grand opening featuring a steak bake actually written on the steak sauce bottle. Upon arrival, the contractors were introduced to the area’s most complete kitchen showroom center. They received beautifully crafted catalogs and brochures to present to their clients. And, the best news–the majority of the event was underwritten through a Marketing Works vendor program designed specifically for the event.

Sometimes a new brand is brought to life with a million dollar budget–and sometimes the budget is limited to a few thousand. Developing a solid foundation of marketing elements and enabling a brand to spring to life, with a look that could rival the bigger brands was the goal of the New Army initiative.

For more than 100 years, Kish Bank had been providing financial services and supporting the community in a three-county region that includes State College, Pennsylvania. And, for many years, the Penn State Lady Lion basketball team had contributed to the fight against breast cancer by running an annual fundraiser through the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s Pink Zone program. It was only natural for Kish Bank and Penn State, two well-established Central Pennsylvania institutions with a shared passion for public service, to team up. Marketing Works developed a comprehensive strategy for “The Pinking of Kish,” with tactical elements that included exterior lighting, which cast a pink hue over the Kish facilities and parking lots at night, interior signage and promotional materials encouraging customer donations to support Kish’s fundraising efforts, organizing a sports-clinic fundraiser for young girls basketball players from the community with the Lady Lion team and additional innovative strategies and tactics.

Cross selling Kish Bank’s diverse business units. It makes intuitive sense that a bank would provide investment and insurance products as part of a comprehensive financial services suite. But, a travel agency? Admittedly, that sounds unusual. Yet, Kish Travel made sense to Kish Bank customers who, in fact, were the original source of the idea to launch the Travel unit. But, with Kish rapidly gaining new customers, there was a need to create an overarching brand, seamlessly integrating all business lines.