Oasis Branding

Oasis Imaging Associates

What’s the difference between a name and a brand? A name—for example, “Joe’s Pizza,” “Anytown Auto Service” or “Outpatient Imaging Center”—merely identifies a business by giving the public some idea of the category of products or services it offers. A name, in other words, is generic. A brand, on the other hand, is something memorable and evocative, helping to tell a story as well as capture and communicate a sense of personality that is unique, or different from any other business in the general category. To help an operator of medical imaging centers across the U.S. evolve to the next level, from having just a collection of names for its wholly owned facilities, Marketing Works created a compelling brand to differentiate them as an “Oasis” of attentive, personalized care, where patients could expect much more than just the typical, expected, impersonal clinical experience.