Cantrell Frey

As a kid, Trell could be found drawing, cartooning or practicing her obsessive compulsiveness with coloring inside the lines. So, how better to spend her adult days than as a graphic designer? Trell enjoys a strong layout, quirky ad, witty commercial and any form of visual communication that makes someone go “hmmm.” She cringes at templates, cookie cutter and bad kerning…..and her family still thinks she plays all day making things look pretty.

Unique/interesting phobia?
Believe it or not, as old as she is – Trell is still afraid of the dark… not unique enough? She can’t stand the feeling of things stuck to her bare hands and feet – sand on her dry feet, dirt. Needless to say it’s rare to find her without shoes on her feet.

Honeymoon destination?
Jamaica – Ah, the sand, sun and relaxing with a purple rain in hand.