Gail Schwartz

Gail has more than 22 years of healthcare and agency marketing experience, marketing everything from women’s health to radiology to primary care. She’s led major branding initiatives with system-wide internal and external rollouts, even managing a team of marketing professionals with a multi-million dollar budget. Gail thrives on forming not just relationships with practice leadership, but two-way, strategic partnerships; also providing that occasional nudge (gently, of course!) to put on their “customer” hats when needed. A true cultural champion and patient experience enthusiast, she knows that faithful customers and an eager, cohesive staff must be the center of every client’s universe. When she’s not getting her daily dose of caffeine, Gail spends her weekdays (okay, and sometimes nights) leading the Marketing Works healthcare team to deliver highly successful, minimally stressful client solutions, with a constant focus on differentiation. Gail has been featured in publications like Executive Insight, the Healthcare Marketing Report, and Axis Imaging News, and has spoken at numerous large-scale, national healthcare conferences like MGMA and AHRA, sharing her marketing successes with broad, multifaceted audiences