Jeff has held a variety of positions in his 20-year communications career, from digital marketer to public relations adviser to writer to communications strategist. It makes him well suited to manage large, multichannel campaigns that help Marketing Works clients attract new customers, increase revenue, and improve their reputation online or through the media.

Jeff loves making the complex simple and implementing creative strategies that help clients deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place.

No day at Marketing Works is the same and that’s the way Jeff prefers it. At any given moment, he could be conducting consumer research, writing a script for a radio ad, or creating a tactical grid for a large campaign that aligns with a client’s business goals.

Celebrity Sightings

As a former journalist, Jeff interviewed everyone from Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to comedian Carrot Top to former South African President FW de Klerk. The experience helped stoke Jeff’s curiosity about people and their stories as well as what drives them to action.

First Job

Jeff spent two summers in high school playing tuba in the Hersheypark marching band. He loves music but can’t sing a lick.