Create Revenue Risers

Create Revenue Risers

How to Turn Your Physician Liaisons from ‘Donut Droppers’ into ‘Revenue Risers’

How to Turn Your Physician Liaisons from ‘Donut Droppers’ into ‘Revenue Risers’

Donuts have their place in a successful physician marketing program, as do referral pads, brochures, pizza, and the array of other tchotchkes that physician liaisons are known to use.

But if you’re “dropping stuff off” without an overarching strategy beyond brand awareness, you’re simply a donut dropper. This passive, repetitive approach misses opportunities to grow your patient base and add value to referring relationships.

On the other hand, Revenue Risers are physician liaisons who:

  • Work with practice leadership to formulate strategies and tactics for execution in the field.
  • Prepare and plan for every visit and document daily activities thoroughly through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to demonstrate value with hard facts.
  • Believe the market can be shaped by growing and adding value to referring relationships.

Use Data to Guide Activities

Revenue Risers are data-driven. But more than 7 out of 10 executives don’t believe their team are focused enough on data to help drive their decision making. Arming physician liaisons with data through a CRM can help them:

  • Understand your growth potential and overall upside in the market.
  • See where you can win market share by referral source.
  • Prioritize where they can grow the most and spend their time accordingly.

Not all referring offices are equal. Using data to take a rank-based approach will help your physician liaison team make the best use of their time.

The following is an example of how to rank practices based on volume that you track in your CRM:

  • A Group = Advocates/loyalists, excellent referral source.
  • B Group = Refers consistently.
  • C Group = Refers sporadically.
  • D Group = Provides little to no business. 

Physician Liaison Playbook

How do you use this rank-based approach to set your visit schedules? Learn more with MW Healthcare’s Physician Liaison Playbook.

Fill out the form below to request a copy. This guide will help practice leadership set data-driven expectations for your physician liaison team, including:

  • The types of data you should use to formulate your strategy
  • Best practices to plan site visits and questions to ask when meeting with referring office staff
  • Ways managers to effectively guide their physician liaison teams to achieve growth

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