When women are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, how do you capture their attention?

Client Challenge

The client needed a compelling way to encourage women to keep up with important healthcare routines like annual mammograms—and help them understand why they are the right choice as a women’s imaging provider.

Our Approach

Insight. Marketing Works identified several challenges that would be critical to address, to successfully reach women and encourage them to be more proactive about their breast health. These included:

  • Finding time to take care of themselves when they are busy taking care of others.
  • Difficulty of breaking through the clutter of competing messages and priorities.

Since women have a strong tendency to share experiences with family and friends, driving these conversations can be an effective way to have a positive influence on their choices.

Solution. A mix of direct mail, print, radio, and outdoor media boldly positioned the client as a woman’s “New Breast Friend.” Campaign messages emphasized their caring approach to women, their inviting, women-friendly facilities, and a level of convenience that supports a woman’s needs. To encourage women to spread the word, visuals featured women interacting with each other and a subhead that supported the client’s unique mammogram experience.


During the campaign period, the client experienced a double-digit percentage increase in the volume of mammograms performed, indicating a direct and measurable impact. First-hand positive feedback from patients also attested to the campaign’s success, as did attention from a local radio station, which led to an on-air interview with the lead physician in the practice. The Radiology Business Management Association also honored the campaign with a Quest Award in a competition that recognizes excellence and advancement in the marketing of radiology practices.

How can we help you achieve success?
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