Why Hospital-Based Radiology Practices Need to Market

Why Hospital-Based Radiology Practices Need to Market

A radiology group in a major metropolitan area in the Northwestern U.S. had a long history of providing high quality imaging services in a hospital-based practice. Expansion of services through several hospital joint ventures prompted them to take a look at their brand recognition in the market. While the hospital had its own marketing efforts and staff, the radiology practice saw the need to create a stronger brand, differentiate their services, and increase their visibility. As a value-added service provider and hospital partner their presence enhanced the marketability of the hospital and generated new business opportunities.

Client Challenge

The practice sought help from Marketing Works, based on their expertise in radiology practice marketing. The first step for Marketing Works was an intensive research effort to more clearly identify marketing needs and collect information from key stakeholders:

  • The staff of the client and affiliated hospitals
  • Referring physicians, specialists, and medical assistants
  • Patients

In radiology, competitive advantage stems from positive customer experiences, which, in turn, are based on superior service. For both patients and physicians, service expectations included not only medical excellence but also caring, personalized attention. This encompasses such factors as ease of scheduling, convenience, facility aesthetics, current technology, friendly and efficient staff, prompt reporting and consultation, and an accurate professional diagnosis.

Our Approach

Marketing Works developed a strategic marketing program to raise awareness of the client as the different and better choice. Tactics included:

  • Internal marketing efforts to motivate staff members to understand and support the need to market
  • A brand promise that the client would consistently exceed customer expectations
  • A platform of branding statements to convey the superior service message in all communications
  • Graphic identity standards to create a Signature Look that visually reinforces brand messages
  • Advertising and direct marketing programs to reinforce brand differentiators and raise public visibility, especially as a leader in the women’s imaging field
  • Marketing collateral for physicians, administrators, and patients
  • Public relations programs to situate the practice with the media throughout the metropolitan area as an expert source for news stories on such medical topics as radiology and cancer
  • Guidelines to refine the outreach efforts of marketing reps
  • Systematic processes to make staff radiologists more visible and accessible
  • Refining the interior appearance and features of hospital-based imaging facilities
  • Refining the client’s Web site to create a more patient-centered feel


After deploying the strategic marketing program, the client had achieved the following benefits by the third year:

  • Increased brand awareness as an independent healthcare provider
  • An elevated profile in the market as a provider of cutting-edge radiology services such as interventional radiology and breast MRI
  • A significant increase in referrals for breast MRI
  • Increased print and broadcast media coverage in a metropolitan area that is highly competitive for coverage in healthcare-related news stories

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