Branding for a Practice Taking a New Direction

Branding for a Practice Taking a New Direction

With a history spanning more than 30 years, this Pennsylvania client had earned an excellent reputation as a leading radiology practice in their market. A substantial portion of their revenue came from hospital-based imaging. When the hospital initiated their RFP process, however, the radiology practice decided not to respond. This decision positioned them solely in the outpatient imaging arena which precipitated the need for a systematic marketing program. The program needed to replace 40% of their business that previously came from the hospital’s “built-in” revenue stream.

Client Challenge

This client sought guidance from Marketing Works, who partnered with them and helped educate them that strong branding campaigns targeted to referring physicians and the general public would most effectively build the additional outpatient business. To conceptualize the branding efforts, Marketing Works conducted research into:

  • Physicians’ perceptions about radiology practices, their thought process when making referrals and their definition of outstanding service from a radiology group.
  • Patients’ perceptions about radiological exams, their motivations when making healthcare decisions, and their likes and dislikes about clinical environments.
  • Marketing channels that would be most effective in outreach to physicians and patients.

Our Approach

Marketing Works focused the branding efforts on areas of radiology that were highest in public awareness and most likely to generate physician referrals or patient self-referrals. Among the central focuses were women’s imaging and cardiology.

Leveraging insights from the research process, Marketing Works crafted compelling brand messages aligned with the motivations and perceptions of the customers. Below are just a few examples:

  • “Get the results. Get on with your life,” reminding patients that taking personal responsibility for their health is the right thing to do for their loved ones. It demonstrated the client’s commitment to timely scheduling and quick turnaround for reports in an effort to reduce patient anxiety. This important tagline led early branding efforts and positioned them against hospital imaging services.
  • “It’s more than a test — it’s a life,” emphasizing the personal level of care and value afforded to each patient.
  • “This is not your mother’s mammogram,” a women-focused campaign that emphasized the unexpected degree of comfort, care, and personal attentiveness to what can otherwise be a cold and intimidating clinical experience. The overall goal was to attract women to the practice with the long-term benefit of capturing the imaging business of her entire family.


Marketing Works has deployed branding programs for this client across a complete range of channels, including print and broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising, direct mail, and other media. The campaigns have helped the practice successfully expand on their already excellent reputation and dramatically grow their visibility. Through this collaborative relationship, the practice rebuilt their base of referring physicians and empowered consumers to understand their right to choose an imaging provider. The brand was leveraged to the point that the practice grew from 2 locations to 5 locations.

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